• Voyage de l'Honnêteté à La Paix | Journey From Honesty to Peace

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  • About

    H is an initative created by Adriana Bito, a Kaizen Continuous Improvement Engineer, and Intersectional Afro-descent, who decided to apply her Problem Solving Skills to the World Peace Problem.


    Throughout her studying, working and visiting of about 15 countries all over the Globe, Adriana got to realise the actual link between discriminations, lack of self-awareness and wellbeing, daily micro-agressions, depression and the collective resilience toward Colonisation and International conflicts and wars.


    This is how she decided to use her skills and knowledge to foster Creative Individual Reflexion in order to reach more Collective progress and change for better, by following her Dream to become a Social Justice Activist and support other Dreamers to develop their passion too...


    This is why H has been built on the idea that :



    And this lifelong Journey starts:

    "From Personal Reflexion... To Collective Reflexion..."

    Self Coaching Programs

    1. Lead My Self - personal level

    2. Lead My Life - professional level

    3. Lead My World - political level

    H Books 



    1. Self-Reflection Books

    2. Self-Coaching Journals

    3. Tools "Sur Mesure"


    H O N E S T Y Hypothesis

    1. LOVE


    2. JUSTICE

    Learning Process

    3. PEACE

    Idea of Peace

    Kaizen for Organisation


    1. Quality & Continuous Improvement

    2. Project Management

    3. Creative Strategy and Collective Intelligence

  • The H Post

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations... true emotions so, be careful...


    Let's use Honesty to reach Peace and live Love through Justice...

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    From Personal Reflexion... To Collective Reflexion...
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