• Voyage de l'Honnêteté à La Paix | Journey From Honesty to Peace

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  • About

    H is an initiative created by me, Adriana Bito (she/her),

    a Kaizen Continuous Improvement Engineer, and Intersectional Afro-feminist, who decided to apply her Problem Solving Skills to the World Peace Problem.


    Throughout my studying, working and visiting of about 15 countries all over the Globe, I got to realize the actual link between discriminations, lack of self-awareness and well-being, daily micro-agressions, depression and the collective resilience toward Colonisation and International conflicts and wars.


    This is how I decided to use my skills and knowledge to foster Creative Individual Reflexion in order to reach more Collective progress and Change for Better...

    by following my Dream to become a Social Justice Activist and support you, other Dreamers,

    to Develop Your Passion too...


    This is why H has been built on the idea that :



    And this lifelong Journey starts:

    "From Personal Reflexion... To Collective Reflexion..."

    Self Coaching Programs

    1. Lead My Self - personal level

    2. Lead My Life - professional level

    3. Lead My World - political level

    H Books 



    1. Self-Reflection Books

    2. Self-Coaching Journals

    3. Tools "Sur Mesure"


    H O N E S T Y Hypothesis

    1. LOVE


    2. JUSTICE

    Learning Process

    3. PEACE

    Idea of Peace

    Kaizen for Organisation


    1. Quality & Continuous Improvement

    2. Project Management

    3. Creative Strategy and Collective Intelligence

  • The H Post

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations... true emotions so, be careful...


    Let's use Honesty to reach Peace and live Love through Justice...

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