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How To Get Your 1st Dream Customers in only 7days!

The #7daysHChallenge - 7 days to get what you want, with honesty...

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Updated on April 2022 for a maximum of pleasure .

The 7DHC - 7 Days H Challenge

7 Days to Get Your First Dream Client... or

First Dream Come True...!

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H Like... HOW to get your very 1st dream customerz in 7 days..?

[7DHC The HOW!?] About the #7DHC...

Is it actually possible to get your 1st dream customerz in only 7days?!

0. First of all: YES!

1. What is a Dream Customer?

What I call a Dream Customer is a person who...

- pays you 500$ or more, in advance, for your services to them

- matches the dream person you'd like to help fix a very important and transformative issue in their lives

- feels natural and super cool to work with!

2. How did I get my very first dream customers?

By focusing on 3key things!

#1 - MY H MESSAGE: getting my honest message out there! Even with curse words on LinkedIn 😱😱😱

#2 - MY H MINDSET: maintaining my mindset by following a mentor's step by step process and also getting a coach for 1on1 daily support until I actually be-come MY H DREAM PRO SELF!

#3 - MY H MANY CALLS: getting on the phone with dream motivated people, speaking and listening to them actively and honestly, in order to finally make them my relevant offer with a short-time special incentive deadline!

And actually... I do believe that most of my very first customers did sign up / made the payment on the last 7days of the campaign!


3. Does that work for anyone... Else that me, Adriana?


If you actually take 1 second to think about it: anyone who ever had a first dream customer to sign up, and pay them, has obviously been doing KEY RIGHT ACTIONS&TASKS on the few days before the customer actually made that payment!


Yes, it does work for other people!

And I could personally help more than 10 people so far!

{check customer's feedbacks on at the section "H like Helping You..."}


But NO, it probably won't work for "anyone who just dream..." to have a customer within the week!

It only works for "HONEST MONEY GSD PEOPLE", people who honestly take action or honestly ask for help when they don't succeed on their own, because they are committed to #MakeThatChangeNOW!

And here are the actual circumstances of the people who got the best results with me:

#1 - THEIR DREAM PEOPLE : they knew who they wanted to help and had an offer on mind already...

#2 - THEIR INVESTMENT : they were already used to invest time, money and efforts in their self-improvement, and in courses, to get what they wanted...

#3 - THEIR MOTIVATION : they were highly motivated and really focused on executing the Daily Action Tasks that I provided.

"Take 1 second to think about it: anyone who ever had a 1st customer has obviously been doing KEY RIGHT TASKS on the few days before the customer made the payment!"

Basically, they had everything they needed... In theory...

But they could not make that last key step alone, and TAKE EFFECTIVE ACTIONS CONSISTENTLY, for long enough, and until Sh*t Got DONE! They needed external support and rapid feedback with expert advice!



But, in all the cases...

They really knew what they wanted, and were finally ready and committed to MAKE THAT CHANGE NOW!


So... Do you recognize yourself here, or not?

More Information about the Global HONESTYM.COM...

0. What is H O N E S T Y ?

In a nutshell, H or H O N E S T Y and now HONESTYM.COM is a social business for Peace that makes programs of coaching and development through reflection, taking Everyday Discriminations and Intersectionality into account... in order to offer more mental, material and economical freedom to all. 

More simply, H helps you, Atypical Ambitious World Changers, to turn your Dreams...

--> Martin Luther King's kind of Dreams...

Into a Reality... with Sustainability...

--> Toyota Production System kind of Sustainability...

And we do that thanks to Honesty and Engineering Quality!


1. What Kind of Dreams Are We Talking about and How to Find My Dream?

When I ask "What Is Your Dream?" I am talking about that Vision of an ideal world that you would honestly want to live in. I am talking about who is your Dream Self? What is your Dream Life? and what is your Dream World?

Because I am deeply convinced that, if each and everyone of us spend their days crazy busy working on building their own dreams...

... we will all be more happy and more peaceful toward one another.

But when I decided myself, back in 2014, to go and become my dream self, live my dream life and build my dream world by being honest all day, everyday...

I quickly hit the wall of Fragility, and realized how much our current society is NOT ready for more honesty, unconditional non-judgmental love, actual justice and therefore, Peace and Self-Determination for all!

That is how and why I started my own journey, From Personal Reflexion {yes with an "X"}, and created the #CDTMinute method, which is a 30 minute-exercise to actually #KNOWwhatYOUwant and set yourself GSD Action-Ready, in order to #GETwhatYOUwant!



"The 1 single key task you need to take to get your 1st Dream Customerz, is to talk 1 on 1 with the People you are willing to help, and listen to them!"

2. Ok! I know what I want, and it's my first dream customer in 7days! How is that possible!?

There are only 3 things that makes the difference between the People who - think they - know what they want, and the People who actually get what they want, each time, every time.

Thing #1 - THE H DREAM! The Vision!

People who get what they want have a strong conviction and a very clear message!


So they INVEST in their dreams, and DO THE TASKS that actually work! But even more simply,

THEY HONESTLY AND PUBLICLY SPEAK UP ABOUT THEIR DREAMS! They are not afraid to be seen as "crazy", "dreamy" or anything else... they just live their dreams, all day, everyday...

Remember, showing up and publicly declare your dreams everyday is 80% of the work effort! Because once you've told everyone that you will do something, your body will automatically take the right moves just so as you don't look like a fool by failing...

And the best way to express your world changing dream, or your social business dream is by stating clearly:

- X : Who you want to help

- Y : What results you help them get

- Z : How and how long does it takes you to get them there

And for this, you want to find the X, Y and Z that match your dream, and express it like:

"I - dream to - help X to get Y thanks to Z"

And if you are afraid or can't do it by yourself for some reason, then just look for relevant people around to help you get there! For example, I Adriana, would love to help YOU, to get your first dream come true, or first new dream customers, thanks to my 7 days H Challenge program!

Thing #2 - THE H TRUTH! The Observation!

They Copy Success!!! They don't have time for jealousy and they don't doubt other people's honesty! They know WHO THEY WANT TO BECOME and they are very aware of their own social identity, as much as their infinite identity. More importantly, they continuously reflect on their own journey, and are able to honestly look at how they feel versus how they perform, in the present, and everyday. They are honest about both their strengths and their weaknesses, and they listen to what other - relevant - people have to say too!

For this, they follow the step by step programs, courses or articles provided by people who have achieved what they are trying to achieve. And when necessary, they reach out to these people and ask questions in order to become Action-ready to Make That Change NOW and become who they truly want to become!

And this leads to the 3rd thing:


THEY ACT! They take actual action and hold themselves accountable for it.

For example, in the #7DaysHChallenge, every single day, we actually check each one of the Daily Action provided in the Daily Tasks Workbook, and we mark them as:

- DONE ?

- WIP (Work In Progress) ?


And the 1 single key task you need to take to get your 1st dream customer, is to talk on the phone with the People you are willing to help, LISTEN TO THEM... HONESTLY! 

And then, tell them about your offer and discuss it with them.

From there, you will actually need to take a bit of time to reflect on what people tell you, do a quick #CDTMinute, and keep COMMUNICATING WITH THEM, IMPROVING YOURSELF & ITERATING ON FEEDBACKS...

It actually looks a lot like learning a new language, and that might explain my special connection with people who speak 3 languages or more... 


The Key Secret is to stay FOCUSED on the 20% essentials that will bring you 80% of your results! And not let yourself be distracted by non-urgent and non-important tasks or limiting beliefs.

3. Ok! What kind of results did People get with this Method?

Davide Ferrante was the first one to actually take up the #7DaysHChallenge and he got his first Dream Customer in only 5days, while going to his 9 to 5 job, and he does not even have a website!

And the daily Action Tasks we used are the ones I used to get my own first dream customers, and also those I used to help other members of the H Community to get their results, that you can discover on, in the section "H Like Helping You...".

We also got the support of other Experts who are getting dream customers online everyday thanks to social media, but also by focusing on the essential. And you can discover their advice through videos that we recorded in live, only accessible by joining the H Community facebook group.

Click and Join the H Community for the #7DaysHChallenge Ressources


Contact me, Adriana Bito , as soon as possible, to clarify your dream and see if you are actually ready to take up a 7 days H Challenge...

This won't cost you anything - but 15min chating with an awesome girl! - and it can literally change all our lives... for the better!

So, Let's Meet Call! Whatsapp "15min LMC" at +33663799195 NOW!

A Dream Is Never Too Big or Too Crazy To Be Achieved...

Honestly yours,

Bekwadi (@adrianahonesty)

Tell me what YOU think about that, and comment below...

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